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For those not familiar with the race, it is Australia's oldest trail race (established 1970), and is run between Binna Burra and Green Mountain (Also known as O'Reilly's) in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

On the Saturday we offer 2 options. A one way crossing from O'Reilly's to Binna Burra (21.3km) and a Double Crossing from Binna Burra to O'Reilly's and back (42.195km).  On Sunday we offer the crossing from O'Reilly's to Binna Burra (21.3km).


The Course:


Normally the run starts at O'Reilly's guest house on the Saturday morning, running to the Binna Burra resort, via The Border Track, and overnight in Binna Burra, in 2013 we introduced a 42.195km option for Saturday morning starting at Binna Burra, and this option will also be available this year. Please go to the race registration page for more details.


On the Sunday, the return trip is made starting at Binna Burra and finishing at O'Reilly's (Green Mountain) via The Border Track.


The distance has been measured by a 'steel wheel', and is 21.3km from the designated start points to the designated finish points for a one-way crossing. The 42.195km event, starts about 400 metres into the forest, to achieve the correct distance. Please treat any GPS readings with caution because of the forest canopy cover.


Rules/Requirements for the 42.195km

Saturday event:


The experience of running the 42.195km has been that we needed to introduce qualifying and a compulsory stop of 3 minutes at the O'Reilly's turn around. The reason for this is that we have become concerned about the well being of the runners in the last 10km, and hopefully our new requirements will address our concerns.




All 42.195km competitors must have completed 5 X 42.195km Road Marathons or at least one "Hostile" trail race 30km or longer.


Whereas those running the 21.3km must have completed 1 road 21.1km race (further race).


Compulsory 3 min stop at O'Reilly's:


This is to allow all 42.195km competitors to recharge their hydration units etc. Failure to stop for the full 3mins will result in disqualification. No discussion will be entered into, this is Rule No 1.


Compulsory Gear:


You must be carrying at least 1 litre of fluid in a suitable container at the start, and it must be refilled at O'Reilly's (21.3km runners need to be carrying 600ml of fluid at the start)


Start Times:



The 42.195km race starts at Binna Burra.


Those who are capable of a road Marathon faster than 4hrs 15mins will start at 7:00 AM Sharp. (please be at Race Headquarters at 6:30 AM)


Those who are not capable of a 4hrs 15mins road Marathon will start at 5:30 AM, please be at Race Headquarters at 5:00 AM.


The Saturday 21.3km starts at O'Reillys at 8:30 AM and will be a staggered starts leaving in groups of 6 to 7 every 3 minutes. 


There will be staggered starts commencing at 6:30 AM with groups leaving every 30 minutes. Individual start times will be released on Saturday afternoon at Race Headquarters by 3:00 PM


Registration Fee:

The Registration Fee for the Lamington Classic is a flat $168 per runner no matter which distance you choose to do.  Included with this is lunch on Saturday.

Class 4 track (Australian Standards)


  • Distinct tracks with junctions signposted, rough track surfaces with exposed roots and rocks.

  • Variable in width, muddy sections and steep grades likely to be encountered.

  • May be extensively overgrown; hazards, such as fallen trees and vines, likely to be present.

  • Caution needed at creek crossings and naturally occurring lookouts.

  • Moderate fitness level with bush walking experience and ankle-supporting footwear required.

  • Moderate level of navigation skills recommended, involving self-reliance in first aid and coping with weather hazard situations.



The outline of the logistics are:

42.195km Saturday Only

  • If you are running the 42.195km run only, you must be at Binna Burra ready to run at either 5:30 AM or 7:00 AM on the Saturday. We suggest you arrive before 30+ minutes before your start time, so that you can register etc as no race numbers will be mailed out.

42.195km Saturday & 21.3km Sunday


  • If you choose to run the 42.195km on Saturday, and then the 21.3km on the Sunday, you will have to bring a person who is not running on Sunday with you, to relocate your car to the Sunday finish at Green Mountains. It is only a 21.3km run, but via roads it is 60+km, on narrow winding roads, and we do not have the man power to drive your car on Sunday to the finish.

21.3km Saturday Only

  • If you are running the 21.3km run only on Saturday, you must be at Binna Burra ready to be transported to the start at 6:10AM on Saturday (We suggest you arrive before 6:00AM.)

21.3km Saturday & 21.3km Sunday


  • If you are running the 21.3km on Saturday, and then the 21.3km back to Green Mountains on Sunday, you must be at the park in Canunga for the race briefing at 7:00 AM on the Saturday.


  • Unless you make other arrangements we will transport your personal overnight gear from Canunga to Binna Burra for you, and then on Sunday, we will transport your personal gear from Binna Burra to the Sunday finish at Green Mountains.


  • Parking is limited at Green Mountains, so we will car pool from Canunga to Green Mountains. If your car is left at Canunga, then on Sunday after the race, we will transport you back to Canunga.


  • Note A: It is important that your car is at either Canunga or Green Mountain, because on Sunday, there will be no way of getting a runner back to Binna Burra, unless he/she chooses to run (and carry all of their own gear as well).


We will do everything possible to both explain and put in place the procedures, you must accept responsibility in ensuring that your sleeping gear and your car are in the right place when you need them.

Runners Safety

With respect to your safety, we have assumed that you are fit, healthy and well trained to cover the distance of the race you have chosen to enter, which are run on a Class 4 walking track.

We have taken every reasonable precaution in our planning, to ensure your safety, but ultimately, you are in control of the speed you move at, and your footfall, and a Class 4 track is very uncertain under foot, and runners falling over  is a common occurrence, therefore you need to be aware of the following:

  • Our tail sweepers will be carrying a basic 1st aid kit, but they will only be equipped to treat minor scratches and abrasions and carry a recognised 1st Aid qualification

  • The tail sweepers are normally about 15 min to 30 mins behind the last runner each day.

  • At the finish line each day, there will be a qualified First Aid person.

  • If you fall, and become incapacitated, it could take several hours for qualified medical assistance to reach you (please assume 4 to 6 hours to get you out of the forest depending on the location where you become incapacitated), so if you have a heart condition, know or unknown and not disclosed to us, you will probably die in the forest.

  • If you cannot walk out of the Forest, you will be carried out on a stretcher, as the tree canopy is too dense for a Helicopter rescue.  If when you are clear of the forest, you need Helicopter evacuation to hospital, this decision will be made by the Race medical team in consultation with the QPWS on the behalf of you and your family. The cost of any evacuation of you for any reason, by any means will be at your cost, and neither the QPWS nor the race management will be liable for these costs.

Please consider this before you enter!

  • If you come across an injured runner or a runner in distress who is alone, as a trail runner, you are expect to stop (basic track etiquette) render all possible assistance  until a more qualified person arrives. No incapacitated runner must be left alone on the track (remember the sweeper will be behind you).



You should also be aware, that we only provide a water stop at both the Binna Burra end of the course and the Green Mountain end of the course, and there are no formal drinks/refreshment stops in-between(which is 21.3km), therefore you must make your own arrangements to re-hydrate yourself, and this means you must carry sufficient fluids for your re-hydration needs, which will vary depending on the daily temperature. You will also run the 21.3km in a time about 30% slower than on a flat road, so please factor this extra time into your personal hydration plan.

Please remember to bring your own cup.




Saturday event Presentations will commence at Approx. 12:00PM at the Race Headquarters Precint.  This will be for the Marathon and Fastest Single Crossing only.  


Sundays event presentations will be held at O'Reilly's, Green Mountain and will commence at approximately midday.  Lunch will also be served during this time. 

There is no Prize Money for this event, but there are trophies (sorry no age categories).

Read Event Cancellation Policy

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